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Gentle Chiropractic Care for Golfers, Sailors, Holidaymakers and Residents

Be seen and treated on the same day. Make an appointment with British chiropractor Dr Wen today at her clinic within Centro Médico in Portimão. She also has a satellite clinic in Lagos.

We help golfers

Golfer's Elbow? No problem for Dr Wen.

We help sailors

Lower back pain? Dr Wen can help.

We help cyclists

Knee or hip pain? Dr Wen can help with that, too.

We help retired expats

Most see Dr Wen for monthly 'maintenance' treatments.

Medical Partner

Centro Médico Private Clinic

The home of comprehensive medicine in the Algarve

Looking for a British chiropractor in Portimão or Lagos?

Registered, qualified and experienced Chiropractor Dr Wen Oates DC MChiro treats patients like you every day.


Not sure why your back, knee or hip hurts? Come and see Dr Wen. Get in touch and get treated today.


Is it a knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, a trapped nerve or something else that's bothering you? Dr Wen can help.


Lower back pain from crouching in small spaces? Come and see Dr Wen.


Golfer's Elbow or Frozen Shoulder? Gentle British chiropractor Dr Wen can give you the help you need.

Shop Workers

On your feet all day? Suffering from lower back pain? Come and see Dr Wen.


The expat lifestyle can sometimes take its toll on joints and muscles. Dr Wen is here to help.